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to capture and manage speaker and presentation information so they can be prepared for their next event.

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Collecting Speaker and Presentation Data Has Never Been Easier

Save your organization time and money with Call for Presentations App.

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Call for Speakers

Notify all speakers in the the system of upcoming events and send requests to those on your own lists to ensure you get the best speakers for your constituents.

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Call for Presentations

Speakers can post their presentation topics for your conference chairs to review. Capture all the materials to be delivered to your audience in advance.

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Speaker Management

Easily manage all speaker data like contact info, bios, and photos. Rate each speaker to keep a complete history for future speaker vetting.


Easier Data Collection

You'll have speaker/bio/photos and presentation topics at your fingertips.

Reviewing Submissions Can't Be Easier

Assign Submissions to Your Conference Chairs for Review.

Vet your Speakers Capabilities

Easily find and select the best speakers for your next event.

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"Events are challenging but this makes finding speakers just that much easier. Thanks for putting this together!"

Brett Losee, CMP

Event Planner

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